My story and Thanks

My story and Thanks

Welcome to the Status:Melanated community!

 Please allow me to express my pride in this store and you for supporting Status:Melanated! Your continued support is outstanding!

Allow us to help you with any efforts to express yourself.

With that being said, the story about the creation of Status:Melanated starts with me, Kramer, a product of private education while growing up black. I lived in an enigmatic world trying to establish where I stand in society. Who am I? Who do I fit in with? These types of questions created a huge identity crisis for me as I tried to identify “my” community. In the private schools I attended there were so few people who looked like me and who I looked different to. They would either try to label me and put me in this box of a basketball playing black jock from the hood side of town or someone they don't "see" as black. Neither description fit who I was developing into. As I got older, I realized these descriptions helped me understand who I really am. I understood that is ok to attend private schools and still love myself.

I am an African American male who went to private schools and is still proud of his culture.

I know I'm not the only person that went through this growing up. Please share your stories with me and I can add them to the blog! You may never know who might find encouragement from your story!


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