Cut the Crap Reaction

Cut the Crap Reaction

Commit. Sacrifice. Act.

If I had to describe Ambrose Leburu’s book, Cut the Crap, in 3 words those are the words I would choose! Being an entrepreneur himself, he found himself doing a lot of committing. Committing to waking up at 5 am to write the book. He had to commit to getting through the fears and doubts he brought on himself and received from others. He had to commit to the idea the future he wanted would come with difficulty. He knew he would have to sacrifice time with his family. He had to sacrifice the relationship with friends and their feelings. He had to sacrifice his old self to become a newer better person each and every day through action. He worked out or worked on his book when he felt the laziest or the most intimidated to write. He acted on what his gut was telling him! This book is great for entrepreneurs!

This book helped me realize that I need to follow these 3 words more closely! As I closely examined my 2018, I realized I have a lot of work to do when it comes to being able to put these words in full action in 2019. In 2018, I realized I quit and was finished with my commitments before I had a chance to really get, for a lack of a better term, committed to them! I noticed that I never asked myself why I did or didn’t do something! I just kind of did things because I wanted to feel committed or someone told it was the right thing to do! Well 2019, prepare to hear me ask why a lot! Why am I going to the gym? Why did I rebrand my company? Why should I eat out 2x a month or once a pay period? I am doing this to make sure I am doing things on my terms!

This book is great for entrepreneurs because it lays a great foundation to stay motivated! It describes how to get past the roadblocks and setbacks. Ambrose talks about his story of self-doubt. These feelings aren’t just your personal feelings but universal! Everyone feels these emotions at some points in their lives! The only thing that keeps people from changing those emotions is themselves! For Entrepreneurs, the leap of faith should be a daily occurrence as we have to take chances to build our success. Some choices are harder than others as we might lose time and connections with friends and family. Cut the Crap is a great starting guide on how to build that habit of believing in yourself. This books should be a constant resource for inspiration! It’s a super quick but informative read which is perfect for anyone with a crazy schedule! Click the photo to buy now! You won’t be disappointed!

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