Melanated Monday Black Business Spotlight: 218 Creative Suite

Melanated Monday Black Business Spotlight: 218 Creative Suite

Welcome to this week’s edition of the Melanated Monday Black Business Spotlight. This is where The Afropreneurial Community will showcase a Black owned business that deserves more of our business. we saw it as only right to showcase the city in a positive light. We will judge every place on accessibility, atmosphere, professionalism, and of course their food/product.

Next stop on our spotlight is 218 Creative Suite a Brand developer here in Nashville. They specialize in helping you create or build your brand through social media content and logo design. It is a wonderful service they pride for such an affordable price. There are some great things to highlight in regards to their business.

It’s amazing to have someone that can see your vision of your social media as well as She’merica Jordan AKA She’ does. She is great at obtaining your full expectations through questions and conversation. She is puts your needs at the forefront and does a great job bringing them to life. We did a lot of our conversations and consultations through phone, email, and social media. We are sure she is available to meet in person. 

When you reach out for service with She and 218 Creative you are met with a super quick response with how their service can assist. They give you a call to see what you were looking to do with your social media in terms of content and your logo to match your brand’s personality. She’merica was so good in understanding the essence of what you are trying to do and ask guided questions to make sure you have what you need. 

The customer service was great. She’merica was so kind and accommodating. She was not afraid to ask questions if something was not clear. She was willing to work with your needs no matter how big or small. She was timely with the sketches to the final product and kept you heavily involved in the process. She updated us with progress and the setbacks which was really nice because you can place your input in the process even more. She was open to all feedback and got to work on it right away. There was little to no wait time from consult to final product. 

The staff was very professional and knowledgeable of what will be needed for your brand. She even creates content for you that you might not have known to make. She gives a comprehensive social media content plan with follower goals and how to build up your brand. They were open to all the questions that were asked about the pricing of their services. We can’t wait to work with them again! 

Where should we go next? Let us know in the comments! 


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