Melanated Monday Black Business Spotlight: Roots Hair and Beauty

Melanated Monday Black Business Spotlight: Roots Hair and Beauty

Welcome to this week’s edition of the Melanated Monday Black Business Spotlight. This is where The Afropreneurial Community will showcase a Black owned business that deserves more of our business. I saw it as only right to showcase the city in a positive light. I will judge every place on accessibility, atmosphere, professionalism, and of course their food/product.

Next stop on our spotlight is Roots Hair & Beauty rooted in Madison’s Madison Square shopping plaza. This is a beauty supply store for men and women. It is a wonderful balance of cosmetics for both men and women from durags to lace fronts. There are some great things to highlight in regards to their business.

Being in a plaza really serves this store well as there is plenty of parking. Roots is very accessible to get on most days. There is a lot of street parking to park and get into the building. This is something normal with businesses in the area. 

You instantly get a “Welcome to Roots” as you walk in the door. The customer service was top notch. You don’t go more than 30 seconds before someone asks if you need anything. The product selection is vast and varying. I found great products for my bald head and beard while my girlfriend found products for her natural hair. The associates were very well informed with the products and how they work. I felt like I wasn’t guessing what products to use. 

The level of professionalism was incredible. The associates were kind and efficient. They were able to ring customers up and answer questions without being absent from either duty. They were engaging and made sure we were aware of their rewards program. It’s a great deal, highly recommend! 

I purchased their beard oil and balm as well as Magic Shave for my head. After my first wash with the was and balm, I am happy to say I’ll be using this product again when I run out. It has made my beard soft and manageable. This is a great place to get your products and get the proper education for them as well! 

Where should we go next? Let us know in the comments! 


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