Melanated "Monday" Black Business Spotlight: Tell-A-Friend (Early release)

Melanated "Monday" Black Business Spotlight: Tell-A-Friend (Early release)

Welcome to an early release edition of the Melanated Monday Black Business Spotlight. We know it’s not Monday but we wanted to do something special for you! This is where The Afropreneurial Community will showcase a Black owned businesses event that deserves more of our business. we saw it as only right to showcase the city in a positive light. We will judge every place on accessibility, atmosphere, professionalism, and of course their food/product.

Next stop on our spotlight is Tell a Friend to Tell a Friend, a party entertainment service here in Nashville. They are a Party service that uses word of mouth to spread the news of their parties. There are some great things to highlight in regards to this service and their events. 

It’s a group of individuals that come together to deliver a party that is so good that you have to tell a friend to come to the next one. You can catch them on Instagram at @tellafriendtotaf to see when  and where the next event will be.Their parties are much different than parties you traditionally attend. That last two parties we attended, we walked up some stairs to an open deck in East Nashville. 

When you walk up the deck stairs you have check in and separately check in your guests if you purchased a ticket for other people. You look across the the rooftop where you see DJ Crop Top spinning your favorite records, hookah setup by Canapa Fiyori, an open bar (if you buy the ticket for it), and food. Provided by Rocky’s wings at least for the October 18th event. You have access to the open and/or food depending on the ticket you purchase. For the October event, we purchased the open bar ticket where we were able to get drinks until last call which is a great deal for $40 a ticket! The drink menu has 3 featured drink but you can get other cocktails as well. It lasts until the run out or the event ends. The overall ticket prices are dependent when you purchase them. The longer you wait the more the ticket become so purchase yours quickly! 

The promotion team was great. They have about 4-5 people through out the party mixing and mingling with everyone and not in their own group. They helped start conversations amongst strangers who would become new friends by the end of the night. DJ Crop Top is quickly becoming our favorite DJ in the city! She does an incredible job of creating mixes that get people up and dancing and scream lyrics out throughout the evening. Our favorite part is the the event wraps around 9:30pm which leaves time to go out somewhere else with hype energy and good drinks in you (take a Lyft for safety!). Also the parties are small and intimate creating an atmosphere of a good party. They don’t try to overfill the party with people making it hard to enjoy the venue. 

Everyone was personable and easy to have a conversation and fun with. The energy has always been great at these parties. Everyone wants and knows how to have a good time. We enjoyed the bar, the relaxed energy, and black ownership. This is a good party to support and enjoy good music,good open bar, and friends. We hope to collaborate with them soon!  You can follow them on Facebook or Instagram! We are always happy to support Black owned business in Nashville!

Where should we go next? Let us know in the comments! 


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