Melanated Monday Spotlight: Pratt’s Design

Melanated Monday Spotlight: Pratt’s Design

Welcome to another edition of the Melanated Monday Black Business Spotlight. This is where The Afropreneurial Community will showcase a Black owned businesses event that deserves more of our business. we saw it as only right to showcase the city in a positive light. We will judge every place on accessibility, atmosphere, professionalism, and of course their food/product.

 Next stop on our spotlight is Sepra Pratt of Pratt’s Design, a screen printing and embroidery business  here in Nashville. She specializes in custom pieces from mugs to hoodies. Here are some great things to highlight in regards to her business. 

She is the CEO, designer, and creator of these items. You can catch on Instagram at @prattsdesign and facebook: Pratt’s Design to see the products she can do for you! Her products are amazing and made in a timely manner. You can see the two mugs she made for us here. They are on sale on our site for you to have one!

When you check out here catalogue and her abilities to deliver quality products, she is super easy to reach out to. You can reach her through facebook which she responds quickly. She does her own research about you and your company which we certainly appreciate. She is very willing to talk about her process of how she can get your logo on a mug, wine glass, or thermos. 

Her professionalism was incredible. She was on time to our initial meeting. She was knowledgeable about her products. She understands your vision almost better than you understand it.She keeps you informed about your project. Her turn around time to get your items to you is super quick. She took about 3 days to get us our mugs.

Sepra and Pratt’s Designs is a good business to support and enjoy good quality products that are done quickly. We plan to collaborate with them again!  We are always happy to support Black owned business in Nashville!

Where should we go next? Let us know in the comments! 


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