Mental Health and Us

Mental Health and Us

Mental Health is something that is universally not talked about in the black community. Let’s be honest, we need to do better. Mental health is a real thing and it should not be shamed but embraced and talked about. Artists like Big Sean and Rico Nasty spoke about their mental health through video and music. It doesn’t discriminate based on how much money you have or how focused you are. It is real and it can be debilitating. I battle with my mental health on a very regular basis.

I lost my dad at 10:10am December 25th, 2010. I just finished up my first semester at Belmont University. I was home for Christmas break not enjoying it as I should be. Most families are laughing and spreading holiday cheer on Christmas Day. Not mine. My family felt the coldness of the winter air as the phone call came from the hospice nurse saying my hero, Dwight Kramer Deans, passed from Multiple Myeloma. My mental health started to crumble as the second semester moved on.

Fast forward to May 2011, Friday before finals, I am bent over at the hip hyperventilating under a magnolia tree. The stress of school and a recently dead parent really can be hard. Over the summer I go to the “forbidden place”, therapy to talk. It was the first time I could talk and someone listened.

Therapy helped me tremendously. I was able to talk without anyone telling me how to feel and talked me through the trauma. My therapist had me verbalize to legitimize my emotions, thoughts, and ideas. She helped give me life to what I was feeling and how to work through it in a healthy manner. With this newly refreshed mind I went on to have the best school year I have ever had socially and academically! I plan on going back real soon! Therapy that is!

I hope whatever you are going through, you see the value of my story and mental health becomes a priority. Go see someone that will listen without judgement and will help work you through it. Mental health promotes health everywhere else in your life from social to physical health. Find someone today! Let them TEACH you ways to cope. LEARN more about yourself. Last but definitely not least, let them INSPIRE you to do better. #teachlearninspire

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