Nipsey Hussle’s Entrepreneurship Model (Extended Version)

Nipsey Hussle’s Entrepreneurship Model (Extended Version)

It took a second for me to write this blog post about Nipsey Hussle for several reasons from coming to grips with his passing as an emerging fan to everyone saturating the blogosphere with their input. The main reason, actually, was that I, we, want to be Nipsey in a way. This blavity article showed how alike we were in the matter of wanting to affect those around you in a positive way through work, thought, and action. Owning your brand and building it’s legacy is more important than securing the biggest bag you can. It is a constant re-write and editing session.

The Marathon Continues, more than a saying, is nickname for life and legacy. We all want to be remembered for something that was bigger than us whether it was a quote or something we did to better our community. We want our names to be remembered fondly when we are gone. That was Nipsey Hussle, he was more than what his circumstance told him he could be. He was a person that constantly was rewriting his narrative from hood dude to a diversified pillar of our community. We want to be a pillar for our community when it is all said and done.

I think there is more than three things in Nipsey Hussle’s Entrepreneurship Model. In this Blavity article they mentioned three things: Be humble, Stay Connected, and Create a Positive Chain reaction. I think think there are 2 more things to add to that list:

Re-write your narrative constantly

People are like a paper we wrote in college. We are just facts, opinions, ideas, and thoughts thrown together that will hopefully help us get through the course of life. We can either turn in that paper as is and hope for the best or we can re-write until we get the narrative we want in our paper. Nipsey was always re-writing his narrative of being in an environment where there was not much hope for re-writing but he figured it out and made his narrative about uplifting his community through the idea of teaching, learning, and inspiring.

Branding is Everything

We are our own brands even if we don’t own a business. A brand is something people know to be true about the what being branded. With the Afropreneurial Community, you know you’re getting a quick look in to the ecosystem of the black community when we come together to teach, learn, and inspire. Your brand is what people see and think to know what is to be true. If you are not true to yourself than people will not be true to your brand. Create/involve yourself in something that will be great.  

We want to be Nipsey because we want something we created to last beyond us. I want something that will help turn our community around for the permanent good. For example, I want to known for more than just building the Afropreneurial Community and making money. I want to be the embodiment of what a community is and it’s leader should look like for generations to come. We want our own Marathons to Continue.

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