Open Minds create Open Hearts

Open Minds create Open Hearts

Welcome back Community Members,

We are back with our new blog series called "MinorityStatus:Known" where we tackle the moment(s) where we realized we are indeed black in a predominantly white environment and how did we deal with it whether it is from being open minded or being told you were the sole reason a whole basketball team would be better. This is not only a place to hear stories but a place to come receive advice and know this is a place you can relate to. Enjoy this first post by Zane Trott:


My situation may be a little different because I had gone to predominately black schools and grown up in the same environment since I was in elementary school. So for me the “culture shock” was tremendous. I also noticed that I was one of the very few students that “looked” like me as soon as I stepped foot in the building. Just because you notice that you are among the few that does not force you to take on that persona to uphold the expectations. Meaning, you can break the mold and become more of a part of the community you are in. You only stay an outcast for as long as you want to be one. What I mean by that is the more you try to get yourself involved and interact with more and more people, the less you begin to feel like you are being left out of certain things. Actively trying to be a part of the community around you makes everyone else and yourself feel like you want to be there. I have been usually always been a pretty outgoing person down to do almost whatever so doing things like that were never difficult for me. On the opposite side of that if you aren’t that outgoing of a person then the best way to get out there is to find something you like doing and with that there is always someone with the same or similar interest and that can be a good stepping stone for you to getting exposed to more and more great things.

Even if your experience is not as immediate as mine when it comes to noticing that you are indeed the minority there are other quite obvious signs that continuously pop up. There are nothing bad but just things that you may notice that would not happen the same way if you were around people that looked more like you. It’s all about how you approach these situations. The right attitude towards these events can open your eyes and teach you a lot.

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