Putting the Pieces Together

Putting the Pieces Together

Building the right community is like putting a puzzle together. If you put all the right pieces together then you create this beautiful image together that you worked hard to create. But like a puzzle, it takes time and patience to put together. You will put the wrong pieces together and try to force them to work but it is important to swallow your ego and be willing to take a step back and look for the right pieces. I was luck I put the right pieces around me together because they would help me become better then I probably would've been. Those pieces, that community, were my best friends ranging from elementary school to high school. Also playing sports created pieces that fit perfectly in my puzzle of life. My friends and sports were two piece that I could feel the pieces fitting perfectly together helped my create my personal called life.

In sports, specifically basketball, we were focused to accomplish one goal, win. We didn't let the wrong piece, racism, seep into our locker room and divide us. Our mindset brought us together and we created a brotherhood where we looked at each other as teammates and not anything else. Basketball for me was a place where I could block out everything and be who I wanted to be in that moment without judgement, hate, or reservation. Sports is what kept me motivated about life and creating opportunities for myself.

My friends were a great community for me when I was not involved with sports. They had the same mindset as I mentioned earlier in the post. We can and do talk about everything in high school that really molded us into who are today as young adults. This group of friends not only had this community but branched out and created other communities that also created a place for successful socialization and camaraderie. We all feel like our communities made us as successful as we are then as we are today. This puzzle still looks as good it did when it was first put together.

Community is a puzzle you should value putting together constantly. Having successfully put that puzzle together will help you excel in so many ways from academics to professional development. You can have as many communities, puzzles, as you need to help you develop and become the better version of you as you navigate everyday’s challenges and successes. So as you immerse yourself in different environments, be sure to create a puzzle the fulfills and enhances you.

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