Sporting New Friends

Sporting New Friends

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Welcome back to Status:Melanated’s blog series, "Community Promotes Love". Here we explore how getting involved with a community can make their transition into a predominantly white setting easier. Back for a second time, Zane Trott looks at sport as his community to aid his transition. He attended an Atlanta private high school where he played soccer, football, and ran track. He talks about the importance of a first impression and classroom attitudes, Follow his crazy world of social media in his profiles posted below. Please enjoy this post:

A large amount of the friendships I made in high school were through sports. I will say that in many cases I noticed that once I put on our uniform the race thing was never an issue. We were all there to make a contribution to the team, have fun, and win of course. There were very few times if any where I felt like an outcast on a team because I was the minority. The friends I made and the social community that was built around those teams was very beneficial in helping become a part of the schools community. On top of those communities was the smaller circle of friends that I would do anything for. They helped a lot in allowing me to intermingle myself into the rest of the school that I had not been exposed to yet. Because we were all so good at different things we made different friends and we would bring those groups together and enjoy each other’s company.

Overall the community of the school is as inviting as you make it. An open mind and willingness to get out there goes a long way when it comes to becoming part of a community that you have yet to be in. My school required the students to fulfill a certain amount of community service hours in order to progress to the next grade level. This sounds strange but it was a great way to get involved in the direct community around your school. There was always a different way of performing these service hours. In fact it was a community service event that helped me choose what university to attend. By taking part in these events you are interactive with the families around the school and on top of that there are multiple opportunities to network and meet some potentially important people. You never know who’s mom or dad could be the lead of company and could get your foot in the door to your potential future. It is hard to quantify the value of the community around you, be that you home or school. A good community and support system is a powerful thing that has the ability to encourage people to change their lives for the better.

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