This Message is Trash!

This Message is Trash!

I’m sure you have seen the message above float around your timelines from your entrepreneur or real go getter friends. Sure, it looks like it is supposed to be motivational and get you to riled up to conquer the world! That is great but it actually is a trash post and thought process and I will tell you why. Sit back and relax as I step up on my soapbox…

This is a trash post and thought process, I said what I said! This is not motivational at all! It’s more disrespectful if anything. This ignores people with jobs that were once slandered but now deemed essential and people with emotional or mental health issues that are still trying to process this “new normal” around us. We are not normal people and people process differently! This meme does not help! Some people don’t have the luxury to sit at home to let this Virus to run its course! Some of us have to go to work where social distance isn’t practiced, people STILL don’t wash their hands, and people laugh at people trying to follow directions. Some of us have to work longer hours than normal to provide the essentials you need so YOU can “develop a new skill” with the new found time you were lucky to find. I have seen this post from everyone who is at home right now which is even more annoying. It’s like you forgot how to act now that your office is closed. You can’t handle working from home and it shows. 

This is disrespect to anyone dealing with emotional or mental health issues that  might’ve started because of the Virus or might have been dealing with and has been amplified because of it. I experience this with anxiety while working in a grocery store. I have anxiety already due to family having it as well. My symptoms got triggered when a co-worker was “possibly” joking about having a shortness of breath starting the rabbit hole that was my brain. I lost focus. My body started to sweat. I lost my appetite. Then half way through that night I started to vomit. I was helpless. Scared. I felt like the virus was waiting around every corner to get me and take me from my life, the things, and people I love and I was not ready for that. Still not. My hands are dry and scaly from all the hand washing I am doing to make sure I am following protocols from the health professionals and not from Dequan ‘nem who got a cousin who work in the CDC or is a government official all of the sudden. I saw you post a cat video last week! Stop it! Anyway, this dismisses these people who are going through this and not able to fully function because what they were already battling just leveled up into a new beast and they can’t comprehend how to fight it let alone defeat it! 

I will say this again, That post is trash and should not be promoted. What we should promote is staying inside and cope with this the best way you can and support those who are struggle. If you develop anything, it should be helping others beyond yourself. 

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