We Are Our Ancestors Wildest Dreams!

We Are Our Ancestors Wildest Dreams!

From the Voting Rights Museum to the 54th Bridge crossing, My weekend in Selma was quick but a lot more moving than I anticipated. I leave with my beautiful girlfriend, Ashley, Friday evening after work. After a few hours of country roads, we pull up to her aunt’s home to prepare for a our big day of activities on Saturday. We say our hellos and describe our drive down and head straight to sleep as we have had a long day. We wake up Saturday to eat breakfast and plan our day.

We got Ashley’s young god daughter for a few hours. First stop was the Voting Rights Museum. Even though small, the impact was huge. We reviewed the steps of our predecessors on their road to being able to vote. Let me tell you, they had one hell of a road to travel from being attacked to other forms of intimidation and harm! The space even had a Ku Klux Klan uniform on display. You read that right, a WHOLE uniform! I never felt my blood boil as much as it did until I became face to face with it. It boiled so much my fingers started to feel numb as if they were in ice. I had to walk away only to turn to see a simulated jail cell from the era with the one bed and big tin bucket that was used to resemble a watering hole. Just to vote, you were regulated to this space and not even by yourself for god knows how long! This space had my emotions a mess! Just a generation ago this was reality! We have made progress but we have so far to go!

After the museum, Me and Ashley along with her god daughter decided we needed a good pick me up so we head to the fair! We did everything from the twisting teacups to shooting hoops. DON’T ASK IF I MADE A SHOT! Of course we had to get a funnel cake and fried oreos before we departed. After the sugar rush, we crashed hard before the Jubilee. We got up after our reset naps and head to the Jubilee.

The Jubilee was really nice for what was available.There were black owned vendors selling everything from Kente cloth to African Black Soap. We get our wristbands and put them on and walk in.  It was really nice to see the vendors be supported by the locals! People were hanging inside and outside the blocked off street visiting vendors and meeting old friends and making new friends too. The Jubilee has a chance to be something really great for that city to help restore the history and the strength of the city! I think the entry fee should be waived and have vendor options based on walkability and visibility where people can pay to be in the area where most people will be hanging out. I think music artists should take that event more seriously. I’m looking at you Young Dro!







Enough about what could’ve been better, let’s talk about the bridge! I usually can be on a bridge with no problem! This it was different. I had these knots in my stomach and chills down my back the whole time I was on it taking my touristy pictures as you probably will be seeing on my instagram(s)! I thought I was nervous but I later realized it was my ancestors and predecessors putting their arms around me telling me that I’m doing the work I am supposed to be doing and that they are with me every step of the way! We are their wildest dreams!

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