What Can We Learn From Beyonce Walking Out?

What Can We Learn From Beyonce Walking Out?

"Nobody in this room reflects my background, my skin color and where I’m from and what I want to do."

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These are the apparent words Beyonce uttered when she saw Reebok’s presentation to hopefully collaborate with the superstar. She stood and walked out of the presentation and that was the end of that conversation. She didn’t feel comfortable about having her brand represented by a team that didn’t have any representing her culture, skin tone or wants. We need development our own ability to be able to stand by our morals and walk away even from big opportunities.

I know what you are thinking, “Beyonce has money, I don’t! I need this opportunity”, and quite frankly this isn’t a money-centered issue. It’s an issue based on us, the black community, wanting to take the first big opportunity because we feel like that is best we will get when that isn’t true. Standing in confidence by our morals will bring bigger opportunities in due time. Beyonce didn’t settle on Reebok thus resulting in Addidas and the Jordan Brand to reach out to her and ultimately teaming up with Addidas!

It can be hard to walk away from big opportunities that come our way even if it doesn’t necessarily match up with what we believe in. Sometimes we have had to make that hard decision to choose between our morals and our chance for star power, name recognition, sales increase, or whatever other motives you may have to become successful. If we believe in the value of our morals and what we have to offer then we will have the confidence to wait for bigger and better opportunities.

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